The-Box Development

BETA packet forwarders:

Unpack file on target system, move libraries to /usr/lib. Get new format global_conf.json file from the TTN config repository on github.
In TTN Console add new gateway with type "gateway connector".

In local_conf.json add server with definition

        "servers": [
                "serv_type": "ttn",
                "server_address": "<router for your region (see TTN console)>",
                "serv_gw_id": "<GATEWAY NAME FROM TTN CONSOLE>",
                "serv_gw_key": "<key starting with ttn-account-...>",
                "serv_enabled": true           
Start mp_pkt_fwd. If you want to write logging to a file you can add '-l ', keep in mind output to file will be buffered so output will appear in chunks when viewing the file (with tail/cat). For easy deployment to a Rasberry Pi please use the resin setup from this repository.